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Timothy Bradley stunned by judges in draw with Diego Chaves

Timothy Bradley stunned by judges in draw

By Peter Wells:


After the chapter of Manny Pacquiao was left behind, Timothy Bradley begun a new one with a dominant performance against good world level fighter Diego Chaves. Bradley showed himself to be comfortable as both the puncher and counter puncher, only to slow down later in the contest to concede a shut-out points victory.

Oh right…scratch that. Because once again we are denied the chance to focus on a fantastic performance by a world class boxer, as we instead have to move our attention to the attention-seeking judges. Julie Lederman and Craig Metcalfe were the main culprits, scoring 116-112 Chaves and 114-114 respectively. As you may have gathered now, despite dominating the contest, Bradley didn’t win. It was scored a draw thanks to Burt Clements’ 115-113 scorecard for Bradley, and had it not been for the other two disgraceful scorecards then more people would have been questioning how Burt scored the fight so close.


Yes, some contests are open to interpretation, and everyone has their own opinion as to who is the more effective. But sometimes it’s like saying a football game is open to interpretation on what the result was, if one team scores 6 goals and the other scores 1, that doesn’t mean the final score is 2-2. Here, Chaves won 4 rounds at the most, maybe 5 if your being kind.

That’s now two cases of incompetent judging in just three days in the USA, with Tyson Cave being blatantly robbed against Oscar Escandon on Thursday night when many had Cave winning every round.

So what should we do to resolve this clear injustice, a rematch? No chance! What’s the point, Bradley 31-1-1(12) clearly won the fight and a rematch has no real weight behind it. Banning the two judges for a good length of time would be the best outcome here, and let’s see Bradley in with the elite once again, because that is what this performance merits.


As Bob Sheridan brilliantly pointed out in commentary, Bradley’s ring generalship was spot on throughout. Bradley traded with Chaves 23-2-1(19) on his terms, Bradley boxed on the outside on his terms, never on Chaves’ terms.

Two head clashes in round 2 left a small cut over the right eye of Chaves, and what would result in terrible swelling under the left eye of Bradley. The eye gradually became worse, until a point when it was unlikely that Bradley had a clear idea of all the right hands coming his way.

For the first 6 rounds, Bradley was happy to fight fire-with-fire, while his superior skills and speed ensured he was in control. Chaves, while having some success, could not match the output and accuracy of the American.

Bradley then began to box in the second half of the contest, and this was where the former two-weight world champion really began to flourish. Every round was entertaining, but also one-sided.

While not a world title fight, the implications these idiotic judges’ scorecards can have on fighters can make your blood boil. Teddy Atlas’ rant on Thursday night epitomised the feeling of all boxing fans, we are sick of the injustice in the sport, that has suffered another black eye. Sadly we are not even surprised anymore. Journalists know they can’t go a week without a review being completely ruined. And a fighter can’t go into a contest knowing if they win the fight, they’ll actually win the fight.


In lighter news, Ireland’s Andy Lee 34-2(24) shocked the applecart to claim the vacant WBO Middleweight title with a 6th round knockout of unbeaten Matt Korobov 24-1(14).

The extremely likeable Lee was struggling with the boxing skills of Korobov who was in full control after 5 rounds, but as Korobov found success with a big left of his own he was caught flush by a sumptuous right hook that sent shockwaves through the whole body of Korobov. After a brief stall, Lee went for the kill, clocking 18 unanswered punches before Kenny Bayless stepped in to save Korobov.


In the first of the triple-header, Jose Benavidez Jr 22-0(15) took a contentious unanimous decision against Mauricio Herrera 21-5(7).

This fight was open for interpretation, although 117-111 did seem too wide for such a close contest. I did have the unbeaten fighter ahead, but more in line with the two 116-112 scorecards.

Benavidez fought very well when moving forward, backing Herrera up with his long arms, but seemed less comfortable on the ropes, however he did find some good work off the ropes and Herrera proved too open throughout the contest.

Herrera’s work rate was impressive as his relentless style offered plenty of problems for the 22 year old Benavidez.

It was an entertaining contest that fans would not mind seeing again, but Benavidez showed he is a viable world title contender in the Light Welterweight division.

De La Hoya Vows Mayweather or Pacquiao For Khan If He Beats Alexander

De La Hoya Vows Mayweather or Pacquiao For Khan If He Beats Alexander

Picture: Independent UK

By Niall Doran


There’s been a lot of press activity and statements in the US in recent days ahead of this weekend’s big welterweight clash between Amir Khan and Devon Alexander, that will likely see the winner advance to a very big fight in 2015. Heading up some of the big talk that’s floated about this week has been none other than Golden Boy boss man Oscar De La Hoya.

This week De La Hoya has been quoted as saying “One thing for sure is that as Amir Khan’s promoter, I’m going to push as hard as I can to get that Mayweather fight, because that’s what he deserves. I truly feel that if a Manny Pacquiao fight doesn’t happen next year for Floyd, then he has no choice but to fight Amir Khan, especially if Amir Khan has a spectacular performance.” In a separate interview De La Hoya also mentioned that if he cannot get the Mayweather fight for Khan in 2015 that he will look to push for a Khan vs Pacquiao showdown, “I’m pushing for a Mayweather fight and I’m also pushing for a Pacquiao fight”, said the promoter.


If Amir needed an incentive to win on Saturday, he certainly has it now. One would thing a Pacquiao fight with Khan would potentially be easier to make, given the fact De La Hoya and Arum are now on amicable terms again and speaking to one another, with the ‘cold war’ apparently over. Khan has also been let down by Mayweather before when it looked like he was almost certain to get the fight last May, only for Mayweather in the end opting to take on Marcos Maidana instead. Of course you’ve also got the recent news that Mayweather has had to contend with allegedly been witness to a murder-suicide involving friend and rapper Earl Hayes and his wife. Mayweather’s mind state might not even be on boxing at present and it could be a while before we hear an announcement from him.

You have to admire De La Hoya’s belief in his charge with seemingly unflappable faith in Amir Khan. Khan is coming off a terrific performance against Luis Collazo last May and it will be interesting to see this Saturday if he has made even further improvements and adjustments to his style since starting to train with renowned trainer Virgil Hunter in recent times. I really liked how he took his time against Collazo last time out, his use of footwork and blistering hand speed whilst moving in and out was a joy to watch at times.

Of course there is also the possibility of a big UK showdown next year between IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook and Amir Khan, which arguably could pack out Wembley Stadium next summer in front of a potential 100,000 fans.


Something that I think has held Amir back in the past is quite simply – his lack of focus. It seems like when he’s come unstuck and lost in the past, it’s being during a time where he was talking about getting a big fight and in the middle of a good run of wins. It just seems to me that sometimes he looks ahead a little bit too much. However I think he’ll have learned from this by this stage of his career and I truly believe he knows he has to stay focused and win impressively at this point in his professional campaign, if he’s to ever land a gigantic fight with either Mayweather or Pacquiao.

So many options seem to be out there for Khan, he’s just got to get past Alexander on Saturday – which won’t be easy (at least on paper). Alexander is always tricky and being a southpaw can always bring up problems. I think Khan will be focused more than ever though and I expect him to look good on Saturday.

Dee Waldo Walsh Trainer Speaks To DBB’s Steve Wellings

dee waldo walsh

Picture: Irish-Boxing

After another impressive win for light-middleweight sensation Dee Waldo Walsh, DBB’s Steve Wellings had a chance to catch up with header trainer Gerard McCafferty

By Steve Wellings


Highly-touted Irish boxing talent Dee Walsh is ready to take the light-middleweight division by storm. After claiming the Irish crown in comprehensive fashion last month the 24-year-old puncher, now 10-0 (4 KO), is relishing life both in and out of the ring. On the night, Walsh’s title-winning game plan was expertly constructed by head trainer Gerard McCafferty. Despite having little in the way of video footage to study their taller foe (Nottingham’s Terry Maughan who was blown away in two rounds) Gerard remains confident that his boxer possesses the talent to work things out and adapt in any situation.


“We had no footage of him to see how he boxed so we weren’t sure what to expect,” said McCafferty. “Maughan said that an Irish title was like a world title to him and he wasn’t coming here for a payday. I was speaking to [Maughan’s trainer] Carl Greaves the other day and he said the same thing, that Terry was coming over to have a go and test Dee. He did not get a chance to test him because Dee was just too smart and too quick.”

McCafferty views every fight as a learning experience for his young charge. Dee has been enjoying highly competitive sparring session with the likes of Gerard Healy which has helped both boxers to mature and progress. Walsh and Healy made their debuts together and now they’re dedicated sparring partners, pushing each other inside the ring but enjoying a convivial relationship when the hard work is done for the day.

“Last week Dee was sparring Gerard as well as Tommy Tolan, Ciaran Healy and Joe Hillerby, one after the other and he could have done 20 rounds,” continued Gerard McCafferty.

“Now that he’s got this fight over him he will move on and Mark will pick out who he’s going to fight next. We wanted 10-0 before Christmas and an Irish title is even better. He’s still young and I can remember when he packed boxing in. I was on the receiving end [in 2012] when Tommy Tolan boxed him two-and-a-half years ago. He did such a good job on Tommy and I knew Dee was special. Tommy had been in against people who had fought for European titles and gone on to fight for world titles and for that kid there to do that in his third fight was unbelievable. We later had Dee up sparring Ciaran Healy for a fight in France and now we are both in his corner. It’s funny the way things turn out.”


With Dee walking around at over six feet tall and comfortably making the 11 stone weight limit Gerard is perplexed as to why his man was previously being routinely matched with light-heavyweights instead of campaigning at his natural limit. With hefty weight jumps no longer an issue Walsh trains every day and lives the life outside of the gym, passing his time as a family man when away from the limelight.

“For such a young lad he’s showing great maturity. I saw him boxing Eamonn O’Kane in the final of the Ulster Seniors, I think he was 17 at the time, and I personally thought he beat O’Kane and I knew he was one to watch for the future. He is a great boxer but there’s a dark side to him. When people ask me what I like to see in a boxer it’s people who can box, yes, but you need a dig and a bit of venom.”

Walsh clearly possesses that requisite “venom” and Gerard sees no reason why he cannot soon find himself in the company of more esteemed names at British title level.

“Listen, at light-middleweight Liam ‘Beefy’ Smith is the British champion and I remember being over with Gerard Healy when he fought ‘Beefy’ and his style would suit Dee. He’s going to come forward and walk on to shots like that tonight. I’d like to see Dee getting a few rounds under his belt because he’s going to be in some fights down the line where he won’t get it so easy. We concentrated last week on a 10-round spar and after the first spar he was flying. It was about getting it into his head that he can do the distance and now he knows he can.”


The St John Bosco head coach trusts Dee’s future plans to expert manager and promoter Mark Dunlop of MHD Promotions who has carved out a niche for his band of Belfast boxers to ply their trade, on a regular basis, in the Devenish Complex every few months. If things go to plan Australian-based unbeaten talent Dennis Hogan could be next in line for a shot at Walsh’s Irish title if Hogan can reconcile any concerns that the IBF may have with him accepting the bout.

“Hogan would be a great fight for Dee because Hogan will come to fight. There are a load of fights out there but we don’t make the fights, that’s Mark’s job and we’ll fight whoever he gets for us,” added Gerard.

Muhammad Ali Selfie – Champ Well And In Good Spirits

Muhammad Ali Selfie

muhammad ali selfie


By Niall Doran


It was fantastic to see Muhammad Ali recently set up a brand new Instagram account and post his first ever selfie to quash recent speculation that his health was severely in jeopardy and that he was close to death. His photo shows that those rumors couldn’t be anything further from the truth, as he posed with that familiar mischievous and famous smile, that lit up the world for so many years and touched millions of hearts across our planet.

Although I wasn’t alive myself during Muhammad’s legendary run in boxing, like most fight fans I’ve watched all his big fights on tape and on YouTube. To this day his performances, achievements, what he stood for outside the ring and how he transcended a sport makes him still arguably the greatest sports man of all time. A very special human being who brought about genuine, positive change in the world.


It doesn’t surprise me he is still in good spirits, as that’s how the man was and always will be. I once remember hearing legendary trainer Cus D’Amato speak to his fighters as to why Muhammad Ali was the best fighter of his generation and why he was the greatest. It was quite simple, he believed in himself more than anyone else did. That unflappable belief could never be shaken by anyone in boxing or in life. Ali could have the whole world go against him but he’d still believe in himself no matter what the situation was or what people thought.

Perhaps this special man’s mental make up should act as a lesson for us all in life, throughout the inevitable trials and tribulations we all will experience at some point in our time on this Earth. No matter what, if you genuinely believe in what you’re doing, are prepared to put in the work to get where you wan’t ago and do it with a smile on your face – impossible is nothing. At least that’s what Ali’s amazing life taught me anyway.


In closing, here’s a short clip of the great man speaking to a reporter years ago that is still every bit of a gem that I’m sure it was at the time. When asked “What would you like people to think of you when you’ve gone?”, he simply replied:

Fury v Joshua Could Be On Cards For Summer 2015 Says Eddie Hearn

Fury v Joshua Could Be On Cards For Summer 2015

Picture: Daily Mail

By Niall Doran


There has been some interesting news emerge in the world of both UK and global  heavyweight boxing this morning. Today Eddie Hearn in his column for the Daily Mail has eluded to a fight between undefeated heavyweights Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury could very well be on the cards for next summer, provided Joshua gets past American Kevin Johnson on January 31st in the new year “We are moving towards the inevitable, which is a fight with Fury and the other top domestic fighters. It’s going to  be great times for British boxing” said Hearn.

He went on to mention “People ask if AJ is ready to fight Fury but, to be honest, is Fury ready to fight AJ? I believe this is a fight that will bring both men to new levels in terms of financial rewards. It’s a numbers game and these numbers add up”.


This will be music to many boxing fans’ ears no doubt, as the heavyweight division could really do with a fight like this on the domestic scene in the UK and Ireland. With Fury now in a mandatory position for a shot at Wladimir Klitschko, it will be interesting to see from a timing perspective how the above fight might work out next summer. I know Klitschko has one more mandatory to get out of the way before he is mandated to fight Tyson and it has also been revealed Fury will be boxing again in February before a potential world title shot, so in the theory after that he would be in the running to fight for the world title next summer – thus clashing with the above fight next summer.

However, as we all know boxing is a funny old game where dates can often be flexible. Both men first of all will need to continue winning to make this fight a reality. I’d imagine the world title is Fury’s immediate goal but who’s to say if he won the world title he couldn’t have his first defense against Anthony Joshua? It would be massive!


Hearn obviously has a lot of confidence in his fighter and rightly so, he’s looked sublime in his first year as a professional racking up ten victories all inside the distance. I think it’s important for people to remember that he has only had the ten professional fights thus far and even though he won Olympic gold, he didn’t exactly have a lot of fights as an amateur either. He seems to be making up for lost time and experience though with incredible learning speed and improvements from fight to fight. No doubt Eddie’s comments this morning will stir up a lot of debate between both fighter’s perspective fan bases.

I for one hope this mega match comes to fruition in 2015!